Spiritual Learning Objectives

Spiritual Learning Objectives

CREATION: To understand that God made everything.

LOVE: To understand that God loves us. To understand how we are to love others as Jesus loves us. 

SALVATION: To understand that only through Jesus are we saved and receive eternal life.

SIN: To understand what sin is and what it means to repent. 

THANKSGIVING: To know that we should give thanks to God for all things.

WORSHIP: To understand that we worship the one and only true God.

BAPTISM: To understand that baptism is the public profession of our faith after being saved.

COMMUNION:  To understand communion is when we eat the bread that represents the body of Christ given for us and drink grape juice that represents the shed blood of Christ. Known as the Lord’s Supper we do this to remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins to make a way back to the Father.

BIBLE: To understand that the Bible is the living Word of God.

PRAYER: To understand that we can pray anywhere anytime and God hears us. This is how we communicate with Him.

EASTER & CHRISTMAS: To understand the true meaning of Easter & Christmas.

CHURCH: To understand the importance of attending church and spending time with other Christians.