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Why Choose Kids Life Daycare & Preschool

1-Drop in Childcare-Still need to pre-register and complete paperwork

2-Better Security-Provisions made to ensure safety and reduce risk

3-Safe Location-Good location in public view

4-Safe Drop off Area-Easy and safe

5-Governing Body-Board of Directors, Advisory Team & Parent Advisory Committee

6-Our eagerness to stay up to date on the newest ideas regarding Child Development and the Professional development of our staff. We love learning!

7-Utilization of outside resources to enhance our programs-We do this to add to our programming.

We Have What Your Kids Need

*Christian childcare and education based on the Bible. Everything we do and teach lines up with Scripture.

*Daily prayer, Praise & Worship and Bible Stories plus Weekly Chapel.

*0-5 are the learning years. Our Early Care & Education program provides high quality child care and supports healthy development.

*Children need a variety of early experiences that enrich their minds, grab their curiosity, promote creativity and fill their hearts. We have that.

*We teach them how to love, make connections, get along, cooperate, share, forgive and feel good about themselves.

*We understand and apply developmentally appropriate practices for each specific age.

*Research has shown that young children learn through all of their everyday activities including play. We understand this and apply it to our programming.

*We encourage children to embrace learning joyfully. We want them fascinated with each new discovery!

*We not only get your children ready for kindergarten, we prepare them for college and equip them for life!